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The company passed the first Dazhou Government Quality Award on-site review


  On July 26, 2016, our company ushered in an on-site assessment of the first government quality award of Dazhou City declared by our company by the provincial and municipal expert groups led by DASC on behalf of the municipal government.

  Group of experts braved the scorching sun, through careful and careful investigation of information, take the scene, look at the product for interviews, we adhere to the three science and technology, products, management innovation, vigorously promote the lean management, strengthen product quality, customer trust, At present, the supply of orders in short supply fully affirmed. At the same time, we sincerely hope that we will take the opportunity of the first review and appraisal of Dazhou Municipal Government Quality Award to further innovate management, do a good job of product quality, pay attention to brand promotion, enhance market share, promote sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise and make continuous contribution to the economic development of the county.

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