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The company won the outstanding private enterprises in Sichuan Province recognitio


  November 30, Sichuan Province to speed up the province's private economy development conference was held in Chengdu. The conference honored 100 outstanding private-owned enterprises and praised 50 advanced units for promoting the development of private economy. The meeting was held in the form of a video conference call. Relevant leaders of Sichuan Province, departments directly under the provincial government, government leaders of cities (prefectures) and counties (districts), representatives of private-owned enterprises, financial institutions and trade associations respectively attended the main venue or sub-venue. Sichuan Provincial Administration for  Industry and Commerce, Luzhou City, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, Sichuan Colom Industrial Group Company, Sichuan Long Python Mining and Metallurgical Company and Sichuan Chuanhuan Technology Co., Ltd. made speeches at the meeting.




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