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October 1, a grand 60th anniversary parade on Armed Forces array, armored brilliance


  October 1, a grand 60th anniversary parade on Armed Forces array, armored brilliance. 11:50 the same day, when the wind "warriors" to lead the team party last ground equipment - DF-31 strategic nuclear missiles, a phalanx passed after the Tiananmen Square, Sichuan Central Inc. plant in the region rejoicing. Because it also marks the company provided equipment for the National Day parade all the "special control" part in the eyes of the world accepted the review. Earlier this year, the company received a ring Sichuan Dongfeng Co., a sport utility vehicle rubber tube orders. As the long-term cooperation and Dongfeng Motor Corporation, more than 50 parts, hundred of products produced within a few days to prepare the company sent east. At this point the company once again received the message from the Dongfeng Motor Corporation: on the order of the parts will be used in this year's National Day military parade of the equipment. Related to the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade, the order immediately caught the attention of all staff. Company executives believe that the product must be re-examined to ensure quality foolproof. "Quality of products is fully qualified in emergency temporary road construction, rural dirt road use ..." After three quality inspection, the quality control chief confident of making a report. To 60th birthday gift to the new China, to make domestic and foreign first-class products, company executives decided to grant the provincial government decided to use high-tech innovative products in Sichuan Province, "China Ⅲ, Ⅳ car low penetration of the country environment-friendly fuel pipe" formula, process, bonding technology. On the drawings and purchase orders in accordance with the requirements of the latest types of products produced out soon, the first branded certificate and stamped a "special control" message. According to company executives said Sichuan ring, ring, and east of the River for many years, the company relies on research and development and product quality and reliable rubber tubes, each of Dongfeng Motor Corporation for the development of hundreds of new parts. Learned that the parade passed 83 Dongfeng Motor Tiananmen Square reviewing stand, successfully completed the task the National Day parade. Sichuan is a Ministry of Science and Technology, Inc., Central, SASAC and ACFTU jointly identified by the third national pilot innovative enterprise. River ring technology companies attach great importance to technological innovation. Built the industry's first special polymer technology, industrial technology innovation and strategic alliances innovation platform, the provincial engineering technology research centers, provincial key laboratories. Central Sichuan Science and Technology Development "National Ⅲ, Ⅳ country car ultra-low permeability environment-friendly fuel management" was awarded the Sichuan provincial government high-tech innovations. (Taken from the Sichuan Science and Technology Department website)

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