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Talent recruitment

  To meet the needs of the development of the science and technology development of the river, is now facing the social recruitment system administrator 1.

  One, recruitment, responsibilities, and requirements

  Position: system administrator

  Responsibilities: responsible for the construction of the quality management system in the company, audit, management and maintenance work; the system of continuous improvement and product realization process of supervision and inspection; the management and supervision of the controlled documents; for and improve departmental system documentation to provide technical support.

  Basic conditions: with good ideological and political quality and professional morality; strong responsibility and dedication, has a tradition of hard work and courage and dedication spirit, team cooperation ability; familiar with quality management system, the automobile, the hose industry standard understanding; skilled use of office software; age at 25, 35 years old, healthy body, image and temperament better, enunciation is clear, expression and strong communication skills.

  Two, registration information: please meet the basic conditions of the candidates will resume to [email protected] After the primaries, the phone will be informed of the interview.

  Three, contact: Zhang Shoujun; contact phone: 13438417715

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