Adhere To Quality Service, Return (Benefit) Users

Founder's speech


Dear leaders and friends,

Hello! Thank you very much for your attention to the development of Sichuan Chuanhuan Technology Co., LTD. Our company is a national innovative enterprise specializing in the production of rubber hoses and rubber products for automobiles, motorcycles and other machinery, a national torch plan high-tech enterprise, a national model of harmonious labor relations enterprise, and won the Top ten enterprises of China's rubber hose for 10 consecutive years.

Chuan Huan company after more than 30 years of wind and rain, always adhere to the progress of science and technology, adhere to the production process of all activities subject to quality, to continuous improvement to pursue better, to meet customer needs for the unswerving goal, the company to sustainable and healthy development! Chuanhuan people honest and trustworthy, dare to be the first, the pursuit of excellence, willing to help your company's brilliant career!

A hundred news is not as good as a see, welcome to visit the guidance, welcome to Chuanhuan transmission of treasure! I am convinced that we will become friends!

Founder: Wen Motong