Adhere To Quality Service, Return (Benefit) Users

Corporate culture


Company vision
Do China's automobile hose first-class quality and mainstream supplier, Xingchuan ring century enterprise
Enterprise spirit
Be of one mind and help each other; The pursuit of excellence, dedication first; Dare to be the first, forge ahead; Lift up the Chuan ring, spare no effort
Do China's automobile, motorcycle hose industry first-class quality and mainstream suppliers
Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, national satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, company satisfaction, society satisfaction
Core value
The interests of the state, shareholders, employees and social responsibilities are taken into account
Code of conduct
Work with integrity, performance of responsibility and loyalty. Gather all people, harmonious family. Life is Chuan Huan people, death is Chuan Huan soul
Business philosophy
Continuous innovation, scientific management, honesty and credit, healthy development
Strengthen the "three innovations"
Technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation
Strive to create "four stable"
Stable suppliers, customers, management team, staff
Strive to deepen the integration of Chuanhuan family so that employees have dignity to work in the equal, happy and happy Chuanhuan family. All employees sign labor contracts, and all employees handle five insurances and one fund. Strengthen the occupational health protection of employees, strengthen the skills training of employees, and constantly increase the labor remuneration of employees. Implement equity incentives, award houses and cars, build brand employees, focus on the construction of talent projects, promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, and share the results of Sichuan development