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Chuanhuan Hose won the first prize of 2015 Dazhou Innovative Product Award

  On September 14, 2016, at the Dazhou Science and Technology Innovation and Science and Technology Award Conference, the municipal government announced the evaluation results of the 2015 Dazhou Science and Technology Progress Award and Innovation Product Award, and presented the awards. After the examination and approval of the Municipal Innovative Product Award Management Committee, 5 products were awarded the 2015 Dazhou Innovative Product Award. Among them, the "Hybrid New Energy Vehicle Engine Fuel Pipeline" developed by Sichuan Chuanhuan Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the first prize, 3 products such as "industrial-grade wet purification phosphoric acid" were rated as the second prize, and "Crystal Candy Glaze Art Ceramic Tile" was awarded the third prize.

  (Written by: Company Office).

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