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Monkey dance is auspicious in the new year - Chuanhuan Company held the 2015 annual summary and commendation meeting

  In 2015, under the correct leadership of Chairman Wen Motong, under the leadership of the management level headed by General Manager Wang Jisheng, and with the joint efforts of all employees who are diligent, simple, pioneering and enterprising, the indicators operate normally. In order to better summarize achievements, set an example, commend advanced, and strive to be a model, our company held the 2015 annual summary and commendation meeting in the hall on the fifth floor of the company on February 5, 2016, the company's chairman Wen Mo Tong and the board of directors, management leaders attended the meeting, excellent party branches, excellent party members, excellent team members, advanced collectives or teams, advanced individuals and branch department heads and section level or above management personnel, sales personnel and other more than 200 people attended the meeting, General Manager Wang Jisheng made a concluding speech and work arrangements for the coming year, and the company commended 87 advanced collectives and individuals, and the atmosphere of the meeting was warm and solemn.

  At the meeting, entrusted by the chairman, acting chairman Wen Qichao made an important speech, mainly emphasizing several aspects on doing a good job in the new year: First, all employees should establish the guiding ideology of relying on the quality tree brand. Second, we must continue to rely on the three innovations of science and technology, products and management. Mass entrepreneurship, innovation, ideas determine the way out, ideas determine action. Third, we must do a good job in human resources planning and improve the construction of talent teams. Fourth, the development of enterprises does not forget to benefit the society and achieve a win-win situation for the company and employees. Let every Sichuan Huan person who has paid have hope, a head, a taste of sweetness, and share the fruits of development.

  Chairman Wen Motong also made a short speech, sent ardent hopes to all employees and the work of the coming year, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, sincerely wish Chuanhuan Company a better tomorrow, wish everyone a happy Spring Festival, good health, family happiness, all the best!

  The meeting called on the goal of 2016 has been determined, the responsibility is clear, the key is in implementation, the key is in action, all departments and all Sichuan people should take this meeting as a new starting point, adapt to the new normal, grasp new opportunities, clarify new ideas, create new methods, meet new challenges, with firmer confidence, more full of enthusiasm, more powerful measures, more pragmatic work style, light travel, closely around the company's set goals, solid work, unity and cooperation, pioneering and forging ahead, Fully achieve or exceed the targets for 2016. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, Chuanhuan will develop stronger, the trust of customers will be deeper, everyone's income will be higher, and our tomorrow will be better!

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