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Fight the epidemic with love, fulfill responsibilities with feelings.

The virus is merciless, and there is love in the world. Watch over each other, bear the burden through thick and thin. After the outbreak of the epidemic, all Sichuan people felt the same way, and while focusing on their own prevention and control work, the company's party committee, administration and trade union jointly issued an initiative to announce the "Anti-epidemic Donation Proposal", calling on all employees to dedicate love. Chairman Wen Mo took the lead and generously donated 100,000 yuan, and received a total of 257384 yuan from all party members and employees in just 2 days, in addition, the company donated another 1 million yuan, a total donation of 1257384 yuan. A donation ceremony was held on February 21, 2020. In the critical period of fighting the epidemic, all employees of Chuanhuan are close to the front line, have great love, and resolutely support the Dazhu County Party Committee Government to lead the people of the county to win the battle against the epidemic and contribute their modest strength, reflecting Chuanhuan's courage to fulfill its social responsibilities.

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