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Chuanhuan Technology carried out quality month and labor competition activities

Under the leadership and planning of the labor union, quality department and second branch of Chuanhuan Technology Company, the first season of the 2021 Quality Month and Labor Competition was held on the afternoon of August 27, 2021. The competition is divided into an assembly process team group and an individual group for inspection positions. The purpose of the assembly process team group is to assess the team's ability to work together and lay a solid foundation for the one-piece flow of the assembly process. The purpose of the individual inspection post group is to combine with the post skill standards to promote the standardization and standardization of post operations. The competition guarantees fairness and fairness, combines with job responsibilities, covers the skills required for production and operation positions, increases interest, and combines with future requirements for job skills, with novelty.

A total of 5 groups of 15 people participated in the competition, and 9 people from the individual group of inspection positions participated in the competition. The judging panel is headed by Director Ou of the company's quality supervision committee, composed of core backbones of production, quality and technology, and all teachers of the Lean Office supervise the fairness and fairness of the competition. Mr. Mao, Executive Deputy General Manager, delivered a speech at the competition site and praised the award.

Through this labor competition activity, the good mental outlook of Chuanhuan employees was displayed, the job operation skills of employees were comprehensively improved, and the quality awareness of all employees was enhanced. What is rare is that in this competition activity, some new employees who have been employed for half a year take the initiative to "ask for battle", and this spirit of courage to challenge is the spirit of Chuanhuan people who will always strive for the first place and never admit defeat!

Through this labor competition, we also saw some shortcomings in the details, and standardized standardized training is also the focus of follow-up improvement in the entire quality system.

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