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Seek progress in stability, reform and innovation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the rubber industry

  In 2013, the price of rubber, the main raw material of the rubber industry, fell, which changed the dilemma that the production and operation of enterprises were unsustainable due to the soaring price of rubber raw materials for many years. However, 2013 was also fraught with risky challenges. The world economy is recovering weakly, the international market is weak, and international trade protectionism is serious; The downturn of the domestic economy, the relative overcapacity of the industry, the decline in raw material prices has led to a decline in product prices, the increase in production and operation costs of enterprises, and the insufficient ability of independent innovation and the pressure of resource environmental protection are very heavy.

  Vigorously promote the industrialization of green tires In order to accelerate the quality upgrading and structural adjustment of tire products and cope with the implementation of tire labeling regulations in the EU and other developed countries, the industry should vigorously promote the industrialization of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe green tires. The association has organized and completed the "Green Tire Industry Research" project approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, formed the draft of the "Green Tire Technical Specification" association self-discipline standard for comments, and will promote the establishment and implementation of China's tire labeling system. The rubber industry will take the industrialization of green tires as an opportunity to comprehensively promote the pace of energy saving, environmental protection and clean production in the rubber industry, guide the whole industry to promote green production and green products, improve the level of scientific development of the industry, and achieve industrial upgrading.

  Promote industry standardization and industry self-discipline, and guide the healthy development of the industry Focus on promoting the formulation of production technology standards, industry self-discipline behavior, and industry energy conservation and emission reduction standards, strengthen industry self-discipline, improve industry self-discipline and mutual supervision mechanisms, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

  Pay attention to the hot spots and difficulties in the industry, actively and effectively organize responses Pay close attention to the changes in the market of major raw materials such as rubber, and continue to promote the establishment of organizations and mechanisms conducive to stabilizing the price of natural rubber; Pay attention to risks and opportunities in the international market, strengthen industrial safety early warning and trade coordination; Timely reflect the industry demands to relevant government departments, put forward policy suggestions, and create a good policy environment for the development of enterprises.

  Further promote brand strategy work, comprehensively improve product grades and market competitiveness, and promote enterprise mergers and reorganizations The industry will further carry out activities such as quality credit, association recommended brands, ranking of China's top 100 rubber industry, and the cultivation and promotion of honest tire dealers and honest rubber traders, so as to improve the market awareness and competitiveness of high-quality products and excellent enterprises, and create conditions for enterprise mergers and reorganization. Promote enterprise mergers and reorganization, increase industrial concentration, eliminate backwardness, and promote product structure adjustment and enterprise transformation and upgrading.

  ----Excerpt from China Hose Tape Network

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